What's Next?

New capabilities to look forward to

Beta v2.1 (TBD)

New Features

  • New process: Freeform Create entirely new experiments with just one input set.

  • New process: Style Transfer Quickly apply styles onto inspiration images.

  • Credits and payment Alpha users get plenty of free credits to play with.

Beta v2.0 (2019.09.19)

New Features

  • Sleeker, more powerful design Our new interface is a little easier on the eyes while making it also easier to do more with Playform.

  • My Project dashboard Now you can manage all your Playform projects in one place.

  • Image collections Now it's easier to manage the images you use, because they're grouped into collections!

  • Recently used

    Pull up previously used image collections to use again.


  • Instead of splitting image upload into two two steps, the new project view lets you see your two input image sets side by side.

  • What used to be called the "Aesthetics" image set is now called "Influence". The functionality is exactly the same. We just thought "Influence" was a more accurate term.