What is the technology behind Playform?

Playform is powered by a class of Deep Learning algorithms called Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). Playform's GANs are proprietary and meant to encourage an exploratory approach to AI-generated imagery.

What is the difference between Playform and other AI imagery software?

Playform is the only user-friendly software available that lets you custom train an AI using your own images. Other software only lets you feed images into an already-trained AI to produce an output.

Why does it take time to train Playform's AI?

To train Playform's AI with your input images, the AI must go through 50,000 iterations of trial and error. It takes about 1 second to do 10 iteration, so 50,000 iterations takes about 90 minutes. For most models, we count 1,000 iterations as one snapshot.

Why does Playform generate images that are 1024px or less?

It takes a lot of computational power to train an AI, even at low resolutions. To increase to higher resolutions, users would need to upload many times more input images, and each project would cost 100s of dollars in computational costs. It's surprising to think that we initially we started with only 256px images!

We continue to refine our processes to offer you larger images with limited or no training time on your end. We also offer upscaling options for you to enlarge your images using cutting-edge AI.

Who owns the images?

You own all of the images that you generate on Playform! You’re also responsible for the IP of the images you upload onto Playform. You can read about this more carefully in the Terms of Service.

What are Playform’s values?

Playform believes in putting artists first, in inspiring creative output, and in fostering experimentation.

Who currently uses Playform?

Artists and creative professionals all over the world use our AI studio, including professors at top art schools and gallery-represented artists.

Why are there no passwords on Playform? What's my password?

There are no passwords on Playform! This keeps it secure because there’s no password to accidentally leave somewhere or to forget. The only way to get access Playform is through a secure link from an email we send you.

Why is it called Playform?

Playform’s name came from our excitement around how AI could be harnessed by artists to create new experimental visuals.

Who developed Playform?

Playform is a product of Artrendex, a company that is dedicated to working on the intersection of AI and art.

What is the best way to submit a bug?

Find us on Slack! On Slack, you can submit a bug and talk to the Playform team directly. You can also get feedback and help from your Playform community on Slack as well.

How can I contact Playform?

You can contact us directly on Slack or any of our social profiles (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook). You can also contact us directly, here.