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What is it?

The Sketch process allows you to instantly create artworks by using your own sketches.
It is a pre-trained model based around a specific genre, like landscapes and still life paintings. These genres are chosen from large datasets that we see a potential to work with the sketching aspect of this process.

What inputs are needed and what results will I get?

Your own sketch, and optionally, uploaded style images are the inputs for this process.
The results are 512 x 512 images. There are eight images per generation when using provided styles, or one image per generation when using an uploaded style image.

How do I use the Sketch process?

From the Processes tab under Sketch, choose the genre of your liking, then click Create Project.
In the first step, choose a style from the albums we have compiled, or upload your own.
In the second step, sketch your own composition. You generally want to avoid shading and focus on the outlines of the subjects that you're attempting to generate. Here are some aspects you may want to experiment with: open/closed lines, line thickness, amount of detail.
To create results, press Generate Images on the right. Hovering over one resulting image will allow you to share, download, or upscale that image.


Why can I only download images at 512px?

Sketch is a pre-trained model that currently has its best results at this resolution. We're going to continue to make improvements to this model, so look forward to higher resolution versions in the future.
Currently, you can also upscale your images by hovering over a result image and clicking the upscale icon.

Do I have to upload images that correspond to the genre?

Nope! Feel free to do whatever works with your process. Sometimes interesting results will arise due to this, but poorly detailed results will also likely be generated due to the mismatch.
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