Style Transfer

What is it?

Using two input sets, this process generates stylized images that use the shapes of the first set and the style of the second. It is the fastest process that Playform currently has.
Using Cows (Inspiration) and High Renaissance (Style) to create stylized cows.

What inputs are needed and what results will I get?

The Style Transfer process requires two sets of input images, called Inspiration and Style.
In Style Transfer, the contours and shapes in the Inspiration image sets are maintained, but have their color, texture, and other stylistic elements altered with the guidance of the Style image sets.
The resulting images are more straightforward compared to Creative Morph—the contours are better preserved and the results are less deformed throughout training.
Each iteration of training generates one output image per Inspiration image provided. For instance, 200 Inspiration images trained for 50 snapshots will create 10,000 result images (200 per iteration).

How do I train a Style Transfer model?

From the Processes tab under Train a Model, choose Style Transfer, then click Create Project.
The Style Transfer process requires at least two collections of images: one in Inspiration and another in Style. You can also upload multiple collections for each input set.
You will need to Upload Images to make a new collection or choose a Recently Used collection.
Only selected images will be used in the model.
You can start by clicking Begin Training on the upper right corner. There is no recommended training time, as it should give good results early on, but slight differences in the style will appear as you continue to train.
Once your model has begun training, you can access your style transferred results within just a few minutes.